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Yoga instructor helping student perform Adho Mukha Svanasana posture over orange backgroun


Find options in your practice.

My group classes break down individual poses into digestible parts, emphasizing alignment and movement strategies to avoid injury. Clear anatomical and visual cues foster centered and fluid movement to allow you to go deeper in your practice. Each class is like a mini-workshop and is suitable for all levels.


Sarah is fascinated by posture and movement patterns, specifically movement dysfunction that can lead to injury. She loves exploring the symbolic implications of our posture. How we “take a stand” and “move” through our lives, both literally and figuratively, drive the theme of each yoga class.


Sarah encourages students to use their practice for self-study (Sanskrit: svadhyaya). By noticing, watching and reflecting on our movement choices, the yoga practice becomes a PROCESS of discovery and change, rather than repeating exercise habits and poses with the same dysfunctional habits over and over.

In class, Sarah teaches ALIGNMENT, which means she breaks down poses into their simplest forms and actions (how to move within the pose). By simplifying each pose to its constituent functions, students have space to:

  • Call into question habitual movement tendencies

  • Notice the effect of obeying of group cues (appropriate for only some bodies)

  • Question the appropriateness of traditional yoga forms (designed for a different lifestyle and body type)

Sarah REFINES the poses and actions to foster a state of deep focus, calm, and attentiveness. These deep meditative states are delicious, healing and accessible to even the novice. Seasoned practitioners may find they start having deep, pleasurable savasanas again

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