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Group of sporty people walks in mountains at sunset with backpacks. Altai mountains, Siber

The Yoga of Walking Well

Yoga is helpful for improving gait. Everyday movement habits like walking profoundly predict pain and injury.

Image by Alina Rubo

Your Grateful Back

Your anatomy and movement patterns determine which cues are relevant for your unique back.

Natural Beauty

Your Grateful Neck

Is your neck too flat or too arched? What about your upper back? Learn which cues to use for neck pain relief.


Your Grateful Knees

Yoga can hurt or help the knees. Open and stabilize the hips and ankles to free your knees. 

Image by GMB Fitness

Yoga & Scoliosis

Strategic use of core poses to deeply realign the spinal convexities. Direct the breath into the concavities. Yoga unites these twin pursuits via skilled awareness.

Yoga Pose

What Should(n't) Stretch

Yoga attracts both hypermobile and stiff students. Learn the safe and unsafe areas to feel stretch sensation.

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