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What are Yoga Privates?

Yoga privates are one-on-one sessions specifically designed to honor your unique needs. Yoga was taught this way for centuries. The group yoga class is a modern phenomenon. At any point in your yoga journey a private gets you the individualized attention that is impossible in a group setting.

Privates serve many purposes. Beginners use them to get more comfortable understanding what yoga is all about before entering public group classes. Many find them invaluable for assisting in the recovery from an injury or to find adaptations for a condition (e.g., pregnancy, low back pain, hip replacement).

The majority of my private clients wish to more consciously address a medical condition or physical limitation. I have extensive experience adapting yoga poses for those with scoliosis, disc injury, and other spinal conditions. Lastly, some clients wish to explore challenging areas of their practice and have the space and time to have all their questions addressed.

What Can I Expect?

Privates take place in-studio, in a dedicated room equipped with props and wall ropes (traditional tools for traction/making space in compressed joints).

At our first meeting, I take the time to listen deeply to your story. The multiplicity of factors that has lead to injury or illness is considered carefully during this in-depth history. Often this is the first time a client has had a chance to fully be heard and had their insights honored.

Next I take a Body/Postural Assessment. This is how I detect asymmetries and postural imbalances. This head-to-toe analysis includes photos (optional), a visual body map and a written summary of findings. Your goals and intentions are discussed.

Goal-oriented sessions (4-5 privates) can culminate with written personalized home practice sequences, each pose, action and breathwork exercise customized to meet your unique needs. These sequences are tailored to your lifestyle (practice frequency, time of day, amount of time available).

Who Benefits from a Yoga Private?

My students are athletes cross-training to improve performance, professionals looking to reduce stress and find ease, and ordinary people dealing with pain. I work with women and men, from teenagers to seniors. The beautiful thing about yoga is that it meets you where you are. No prerequisites are necessary, no flexibility or athleticism required.

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