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5 star reviews for Sarah Westbrook


“My private session with Sarah is a gift that I give myself each week. Every session is different based on what I feel in my body that week. Sarah really cares and is so smart and I feel lucky to have met her and to have her as my guide.” B.F., Wilmette

“I have a lot of medical problems that traditional medicine recommends simply living with them, rather than being proactive. Sarah knows more about scoliosis than any physician and has helped me to understand my body. She creates exercises and positions just for me, that work for me. Her expertise and sincerity are so obvious; she makes it fun and realistic. There are some things I just cannot do and she does not make me feel bad about this, but encourages me to do what I can.” K.N., Evanston


“I became an ultrarunner going from 10k to 150 miles with no injuries thanks to all that I have learned with Sarah. I tell my friends Sarah teaches us how to use our bodies, how to move properly, consciously vigorous.” T.N., Northbrook


“Sarah has been one of the most important components of my comprehensive effort to return to good health. Practicing in her classes has yielded so many results for me, including eliminating persistent pain, improved strength and flexibility, better understanding of my body and how it works, and improved overall well-being. She is one of the best teachers I've worked with in any discipline. Her classes are challenging, restorative, and educational.” G.B, Glencoe

“Sarah has served as a mirror, for me; reflecting both what I reveal and what I think I do not. She reminds me that nothing is hidden, and it need not be. Through our bodies everything comes forth, eventually. Sarah inspires me to explore what's coming up on the inside while noticing the corresponding shape on the outside. Sarah's sincerity and vulnerable storytelling, in class, seems to reveal your own heart. It's shocking, at first. But she doesn't just abandon you there, she walks with you, her confidence in confronting the unknown empowering you to keep your eyes open. She makes asana a quiet adventure. If you are willing to give yourself a chance, she is willing to take any risk with you. An awesome teacher.” L.W., Northbrook

“Sarah is attentive, thorough, pragmatic and professional. You will learn more about your body's challenges and will be given a specific roadmap to help guide you back to your baseline.” F.P., Evanston

“My daughter and I loved Sarah as our riding instructor years ago and when I discovered her class at Yogaview I was so happy to have the chance to renew the relationship. Over the months I have seen my practice of yoga become more and more vital to my well-being, especially through Sarah's therapeutic approach. Yoga with Sarah is serving to help me navigate life's new challenges. Sarah's empathy, wisdom and grace imbue her teaching with an essential healing and uniquely inspired quality. Yoga with Sarah is one of the most wholistic and uplifting things you can do for yourself.” J.F., Libertyville

“Sarah has helped me know my strengths, worked with me to improve my posture and how I carry myself, and to focus on those areas that are vital to maintaining strong performance in other physical activities (e.g., running and strength training).” T.B., Northbrook

“I first started with Sarah because I was a beginner and wanted to learn proper form. I had heard from yoga studio staff that Sarah was a "genius". I had no idea that Sarah would be able to help me with so much more than yoga postures! Sarah taught me that yoga can help with so many physical and emotional ailments. She helped me learn yoga postures that were particularly helpful for reducing stress and anxiety. Sarah also did an assessment of my body alignment. She gave me exercises to do that greatly helped me with knee pain, neck pain, and pelvic floor issues. Sarah also helped me improve my posture. I always looked forward to my sessions with Sarah! She was consistently pleasant and kind, has a great sense of humor, and is outstanding at teaching therapeutic yoga and helping people with various physical and emotional ailments. Sarah was also flexible and creative and adapted sessions based on how I was doing and feeling that day.” Anon., Glencoe

“Sarah has helped me know my strengths, worked with me to improve my posture and how I carry myself, and to focus on those areas that are vital to maintaining strong performance in other physical activities (e.g., running and strength training).”

T.B., Northbrook

"No need to look further than this post. You’ve found your gal. She has more anatomy knowledge than most doctors. She has a keen sense for observing posture and movements to help guide you on your way to a pain free life. 10 stars."

R.S., Ashville, NC


"If you are reading this, then you have found the right person! Having worked with Sarah for years I continue to be amazed at how well she truly understands the function and movement of the human body…Sarah's approach is that every body is different and should be treated as such. She always takes the time to help you "tune in" and discover "what your body needs". Sarah always listens and never dismisses the slightest detail. Her knowledge can only be surpassed by her genuine empathy to help you heal.

L.D., Wilmette, IL


"If I could give Sarah a 6 out of 5-star rating as a yoga therapist, I would. She came highly recommended by yoga teachers at my yoga studio in Highland Park for helping me with the curvature of my spine which has been getting worse over the years. In just six months my hunching has almost all disappeared and any pain…The initial two-hour intake session was amazing. She prepared a five-page analysis of my issues with pictures of my body so I could actually see how the curvature affects my body. I wish I had known about Sarah years ago. All I can say is that she is the best!!"

B.D., Highland Park, IL


"Sarah is fantastic! She meets me where I am and tailors each private session to what's best for me, while always working on the "big picture" issues that brought me to her in the first place. Highly recommended!"

C.B-K., Skokie, IL


As a retired 67 year old woman, I was dealing with aches and pains that seemed to be getting worse. While undergoing medical tests, I came across Sarah, whose approach was less about "come take a yoga class" and more about "let me see how I can help you feel better". We talked for a long time about what was bothering me; she had me do some physical "tests", and ultimately she produced a detailed analysis of my physical condition (5 pages!) that stunned me. I was excited to absorb this information and integrate it into my life. During each visit we have worked on a new aspect of my health, incorporating exercises, positive thinking, and basic physiology into a personal program tailored to my needs. And best of all, she listened to me. She took notes; she asked questions, and she worked very hard to point me in other directions where I could seek complimentary care. Her strength is not just teaching yoga, or running a group class. She is a highly educated, holistic body health professional, who uses many different techniques to help each client understand his/her body and move forward toward better health. I cannot speak more highly of her. And a big plus is her bedside manner; she is kind, compassionate and loves a good laugh. Please give her a try; you will walk away a healthier and happier person.



"Yoga therapy with Sarah is metaphysical. Connecting my physical and cognitive experiences has fostered good health and well-being for me. I feel less stressed and more comfortable in my body as well as stronger and more flexible. Sarah’s technical knowledge of the body and alignment helps take away the mystery of yoga increasing your awareness and understanding of your body and how to support it. Her energy and spirit are motivating and fun."

K.C., Evanston, IL


"I have been a client of Sarah’s for over 8 years. She is so intuitive when it is comes to our weekly sessions. I leave each week feeling refreshed! She is the best!"

M.S., Wilmette, IL


“Sarah's knowledge, teaching skills and sincere personal attention in group yoga classes and private sessions has become a transforming element in my life. Sarah dissects each yoga pose so that students have a clear understanding of what it entails and can learn to execute the pose correctly. She constantly individualizes her teaching to aid this process.” T.S., Chicago

"I feel fortunate to have tried Sarah's class about 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Sarah is not only an amazing teacher, her classes are unlike any others I've found, but she is also a wonderful human. It is clear that she cares deeply about this work and her students. I always come away having learned how to move with more ease in my own body, in ways that work for me and are supportive in my everyday life. Her style is unique. Her classes are always outstanding!

C.W., Winnetka, IL

“Just lucky that I went to one of her classes in Wilmette…Sarah's patience and careful physical and mental guidance have been wonderful. Sarah is a great yoga teacher! She is so patient and uses the most amazing cues to describe what you’re doing, what you might be feeling, etc. I can't recommend her enough and wish I could have a class with her every day!” J.K., Wilmette

“I attended my first class without any prior knowledge of Sarah. I continued to attend and was drawn to her teaching because her classes are detailed, thoughtfully sequenced, informative, and include fantastic adjustments and feedback, philosophy, and multiple layers of yoga. The classes blend many different disciplines and approaches. Overall they are brilliant and unique. These qualities are also carried into the specialized workshops that Sarah has presented throughout the years. As a teacher and practitioner, the class showed me a path other than vinyasa (my training and prior practice). Sarah's influence also steered me toward learning more therapeutic aspects of yoga, and how to start "reading" bodies. I consider her a mentor and key teacher in my yogic path. She encouraged me to apprentice with her, and thoughtfully made me aware of some of her key teachers and resources. Sarah takes you on a journey of self-exploration; be prepared to dive deep, and experience growth on many levels, mind-body-spirit.” B.S., Glenview

Sarah is amazingly talented at helping even the newest student identify and isolate various muscles or parts of their bodies while teaching a full class. She is very attuned to people's physical and emotional conditions when they come into class and makes an effort to adjust the class for each student. She takes the time that most doctors don't take to really understand each detail of a student's history and current situation, and validates that each aspect is an important part of the whole.” G.R., Glenview


“I was feeling like the Level 2 classes were too intense and repetitive and wanted to experience yoga at a slower pace and with more internal awareness. Sarah helped me to realize that not all cues offered in class are appropriate for every body. She encouraged me to understand and feel what was happening in my body and gave me the tools and empowerment I needed to know how to listen to my inner yogi for guidance. She continues to inspire me to grow in my practice both on and off the mat. Sarah's yoga classes are appropriate for a beginner, a person with physical limitations, and an advanced yoga practitioner alike. Many yoga teachers take Sarah's classes because she teaches anatomy in a very practical way, and uses innovative techniques and sequences to get at subtle aspects of movement and body awareness. Because everything is broken down so methodically, even a newbie can feel at home. Moreover, she tailors the poses/movement cues to individual body types, so that everyone can be safe, while getting the intended benefit from the pose.” M.B. Highland Park

"I attend two yoga classes a week with Sarah Westbrook, offered at Grateful Yoga. The classes are an excellent learning opportunity, and Sarah makes them very engaging through her creativity in designing postural experiences, her witty sense of humor, and her observations about the challenges of being human. Sarah has a remarkable knowledge of human anatomy and how it plays out in our daily physical functioning. Using this knowledge, Sarah also brings us new insights into how to maximize the physical benefits of our yoga practice. Try out a class with Sarah--I think you'll be amazed by how much information she delivers in one class session!"

F.M., Evanston, IL

“Sarah provided a solid basis in core poses from which to build a practice. No one should leap into flow classes without visiting Sarah's courses first. She provides very nuanced cues and physical feedback that will lay a foundation for faster moving practice without injury.” R.P., Wilmette

“Sarah’s classes are alignment-based and I always gain some new insight, even after over 20 years of practice!” A.G., Winnetka

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