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5- Star Review

"If I could give Sarah a 6 out of 5 star rating as a yoga therapist , I would. She came highly recommended by yoga teachers at my yoga studio in Highland Park for helping me with the curvature of my spine which has been getting worse over the years. I have a standing yoga session with her once a month. In just six months my hunching has almost all disappeared and any pain.

My session is focused on my questions for the week. She takes videos of different modifications of poses and I can refer to those at home and during my yoga classes.

Sarah has an impressive knowledge of the muscles in the body. I have to say I love going to my sessions with her. They are fun and I feel that I am learning so much about my body.

The initial two hour intake session was amazing. She prepared a five page analysis of my issues with pictures of my body so I could actually see how the curvature affects my body. I wish I had known about Sarah years ago. All I can say is that she is the best!!"

Beth Damon, Highland Park, IL

5- Star Review

"If you are reading this, then you have found the right person! Having worked with Sarah for years I continue to be amazed at how well she truly understands the function and movement of the human body. Her approach to yoga comes from the basis of building the body's foundation through strengthening and stabilization, while providing that much needed flexibility.

Sarah's approach is that every body is different and should be treated as such. She always takes the time to help you "tune in" and discover "what your body needs". Sarah always listens and never dismisses the slightest detail. Her knowledge can only be surpassed by her genuine empathy to help you heal.

After seeing Sarah, I always walk away feeling stronger and more grounded. So "tune in" to your inner voice and call Sarah!"

Lyndy Davenport, Wilmette, IL

5- Star Review

"Yoga therapy with Sarah is metaphysical. Connecting my physical and cognitive experiences has fostered good health and well being for me. I feel less stressed and more comfortable in my body as well as stronger and more flexible.

Sarah’s technical knowledge of the body and alignment helps take away the mystery of yoga increasing your awareness and understanding of your body and how to support it. Her energy and spirit are motivating and fun."

Kevin Crystal, Evanston, IL

5- Star Review

"Sarah is fantastic! She meets me where I am and tailors each private session to what's best for me, while always working on the "big picture" issues that brought me to her in the first place. Highly recommended!"

Courtney Buckalew-Kramer, Skokie, IL

5- Star Review

"I have been a client of Sarah’s for over 8 years. She is so intuitive when it is comes to our weekly sessions. I leave each week feeling refreshed! She is the best!"

Michaela Shaw, Wilmette, IL

5- Star Review

"No need to look further than this post. You’ve found your gal. She has more anatomy knowledge than most doctors. She has a keen sense for observing posture and movements to help guide you on your way to a pain free life. 10 stars."

Rhonda Schlesinger, Ashville, NC

5- Star Review

"I feel fortunate to have tried Sarah's class about 6 years ago and have been hooked ever since. Sarah is not only an amazing teacher, her classes are unlike any others I've found, but she is also a wonderful human. It is clear that she cares deeply about this work and her students.

I always come away having learned how to move with more ease in my own body, in ways that work for me and are supportive in my everyday life. Her style is unique. Her classes are always outstanding!

Carrie Watterson, Winnetka, IL

5-Star Review

"I attend two yoga classes a week with Sarah Westbrook, offered at Grateful Yoga. The classes are an excellent learning opportunity, and Sarah makes them very engaging through her creativity in designing postural experiences, her witty sense of humor, and her observations about the challenges of being human.

Sarah has a remarkable knowledge of human anatomy and how it plays out in our daily physical functioning. Using this knowledge, Sarah also brings us new insights into how to maximize the physical benefits of our yoga practice.

Try out a class with Sarah--I think you'll be amazed by how much information she delivers in one class session!"

Fred Meyer, Evanston, IL

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