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I feel like a Pumpkin Head

Did you catch my Halloween meditation on being a pumpkin head?

I initially learned this technique from Aadil Palkhivala a Master meditation and asana teacher, although he did not use pumpkin imagery :)

If a busy mind, sludgy regrets or a relentlessness in your tasks consumes you, try the Pumpkin Head meditation. With it we can cultivate the power of clearing the mind and directing it's energy elsewhere.

This technique is especially relevant in Autumn, a dry, windy, vata-suffused time. Vata energy is that of air and ether, and MOVEMENT. Think of all the things that move around you, and through you. Vata energy rules that and Vata is dominant in the Fall.

When the thoughts move too fast and are agitated, vata is said to be out of balance. Our natural adaptability and creativity gets distorted into anxiety and agitation.

Use the pumpkin head meditation to contain, clean and redirect this negative mental energy downwards, into the vast reservoir of the Heart, or release it out.

Try this simple technique now, then weave it into your morning routine (start the day empty instead of brimming), and before bed (an empty mind invites delicious sleep).

And thanks for being a Pumpkin Head.

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